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Joann wrote:

25 January 2014

I thoroughly enjoyed my first spa experience and would definitely return to Frasada for one or all of the many services they provide. The staff were very accommodating and friendly. I would highly recommend this salon.


Cynthia wrote:

04 April 2014

My mom and I like would to thank the wonderful staff at Frasada for a great experience! Our facial therapists, massage therapist and my pedicurist Kathy were all wonderful. I would also like to thank and commend for making all happen to Jessica. Her professionalism and kind personality was reflected in everything she did: from scheduling our appointment all the way to a warm and pleasent welcome to the spa. We felt all the love and dedication from each one of them. Thank you for making us feel relaxed and treated like royalty! Andrea and Cindy


Susan Moran wrote:

23 November 2013

As always, Kaye did a fantastic job.


Alice wrote:

16 November 2013

Had color by Tracie great job and cut with Josephine, great very professional, love my Hair Oh! But can't leave out Michael for beauty !! He really is a pleasure and his excellent make-up tips. Loved my experience


Jamie wrote:

17 October 2013

Excellent as always I love having Shelly wash my hair and all the girls does a great job blowing drying my hair.


Filomena wrote:

15 October 2013

I have always had a pleasant experience when receiving hair or spa treatment at Frasada. My last hair appointment was great, I was welcomed by the friendly staff and was extremely happy with my hair. As a customer I appreciate the time and effort the stylist put into the services she provided me. She knew exactly what I wanted and provided just that.


Barbara wrote:

11 October 2013

Having a mani pedi with Maritza is always a pleasure Not only is she skillful, but a fantastic person. She is the best!


Marilyn wrote:

10 October 2013

The staff was welcoming and pleasant. My hair color came out good as usual thanks to Gabriella. Everyone was so helpful, whether it was offering and getting me a drink or helping me to use the hair blower. Can't wait till my next appointment.


Teresa S wrote:

09 October 2013

Also I needed my color redone as I messed it up doing my own touch up at home (never again) but I was also on a time budget because I was going to a party and them to Aruba the next day so I was anxious to fix my hair obviously. They had me in for color with Gabriella and then a blowout with Royce who is just awesome. The color was done just in time and looked lovely but it seemed that Royce was a little backed up and Jen, knowing I was on a time budget asked if I would like to go to Stephanie for the blow out since I was going to her before she left on maternity leave-or of course I could wait just a little longer for Royce. I was so appreciative of the concern for time so I went to Stephanie and was equally pleased with my blow out. In addition, I would just like to say that sometimes my schedule and theirs do not coincide and seeing as to how they are next to each other- neither girl makes me feel uncomfortable that I'm with the other as you definitely sometimes are made to feel in other salons which is why I leave!


Lois wrote:

07 October 2013

I always walk into Frasada feeling drab and washed out and emerge feeling energized and rejuvenated! Alicia does her magic with a smile! Shelly always gives a great shampoo and I am in and out with ease. I especially like the way you now text to remind me of my next appointment instead of the phone call. I have been a customer for years and remain.


Diane L wrote:

06 October 2013

Fantastic stone massage. Marie was great! The atmosphere was professional and relaxing. The staff was very attentive to my needs. I look forward to my next visit.


Angela wrote:

05 October 2013

I always enjoy my weekly blowouts at Frasada. In addition, Gabriella and alicia color my hair every month with such care and talent. The entire staff is kind, personable and talented. Thank you for your service!!


Beth wrote:

02 October 2013

My last visit was wonderful the gals were amazing - there to please. Love the color, cut, style & blow out! It still looks like the day I got it done!!


Lorin wrote:

02 October 2013

It is always such a pleasure going to Frasada. Claudia has made me LOVE my hair color and Josephine has made it possible for me to finally have "long" hair. She listens to what I want when I go in for a haircut!!! I get compliments every day on my hair!!


Ali wrote:

01 October 2013

As always a perfect experience. The staff is wonderful and you feel like family


Mandy M wrote:

30 September 2014

I love Frasada every time I come in! Gabby never disappoints on the color. Arleni listens and doesn't chop your hair off. The women rinsing your hair always give the best scalp massages that no other salon I have ever been to even compares with. I love Frasada!


Joyce wrote:

17 June 2013

Very enjoyable and relaxing. It is a stress free and fun experience


Karen wrote:

05 June 2015



Diane D wrote:

29 April 2013

I had a great experience with Frasada, the entire experience was wonderful.


Susan wrote:

03 July 2013

It's always a pleasure! The best peds in town!!!!


Lori wrote:

30 May 2013



Terri wrote:

04 June 2013

When I frequent Frasada, either for a manicure, pedicure or both, I am greeted by name with a warm smile and professional demeanor. My appointments are always with Angela, and she consistently does her very best to meet my every need. No matter what I ask of her, she is eager to please with pleasure. Her job is never finished until she obtains my personal approval. Angela is a sweet, kind and patient individual. Not only do I enjoy the wonderful services I receive at Frasada, I greatly enjoy my personal chats with Angela. She is always genuinely concerned about my welfare and that of my family. There are not many places where one can receive this type of personalized service. In addition thereto, Frasada is clean and comfortable. There is music always playing, and there is more than adequate parking available. It is a wonderful place.


Fran wrote:

09 May 2013

I always enjoy my visit at Frasada!!


Lorin wrote:

11 May 2013

I always am completely satisfied with all of my experiences at frasada. Color is gorgeous , Ella waxes with perfection, and Josaphine blows out my hair amazingly!!! I always leave with a smile on my face!!!!


Joann wrote:

30 April 2013

I thoroughly enjoyed my first spa experience and would definitely return to Frasada for one or all of the many services they provide. The staff were very accommodating and friendly. I would highly recommend this salon.


Robin wrote:

18 April 2013

Frasada was wonderful. The front desk is delightful. I'm always greeted by name and with a smile. Maritza is great. She consistently provides a great pedicure. I really enjoy my time with her.


Rita wrote:

23 April 2013

My visit, as always was very pleasant. Gabriella did a fabulous color job. Royce showed me a new blowout style. Shelly's hair wash/head massage couldn't be more relaxing! I received many compliments at my fashion show that night.


Iris wrote:

25 April 2012

I have been coming to Frasada for a long time. The oygen facial really makes your face glow.Frasada is a place that makes you feel pampered from the time you enter until you leave feeling extraordinary


Laura wrote:

20 April 2013

I came there solely to get my eyebrows tweezed. Elsie was very attentive to my needs and so nice! I will definetly return. Your shop is gorgeous, in the future I am going to treat myself to some of your indulgences.


Julia wrote:

12 April 2013

Had a fantastic experience. Cut & color were excellent! Love the results! The blow out the stylist gave me was fantastic! I think I fell asleep in the chair and woke up to fabulous hair.


___ wrote:

04 April 2013

You did just great! Prompt and professional.The manicure and pedicure went perfect. Hope to see you again soon!


Darlene W wrote:

09 April 2013

My last visit at Frasada was very positive. I had a 9 am appointment for a manicure/pedicure and was taken right away. Angela was very professional and as usual did a wonderful job.


Marilyn W. wrote:

06 April 2013

My visit to Frasada was terrific as usual. I was taken on time and everyone was so friendly. My hair color came out great as usual. (Gabriella has found a great color for me) and the haircut and blowout made me feel younger. (Melvy really listens to what you want) The only negative about my visits to Frasada is that they end too soon. Looking forward to my next visit.


Joanne R wrote:

10 April 2013

Frasada is always a pleasure to visit ? I don?t get to come in often enough As always I was very happy with my hair


Katie G wrote:

04 April 2013

Ella is great and I would only use her for my eyebrows!


Nancy P wrote:

07 April 2013

I have been a patron of Frasada since its inception and Grand Opening...As always the personnel is accommodating, courteous, the the services are exemplary !!!!


Ellen wrote:

10 April 2013

I have been coning to Frasada since its inception and have been with Claudia since 1990. WOW!!!! So you know I am satisfied with the services I receive. I last was at Frasada for color. Gabriella is a terrific colorist and always listens to my interests before she begins any process. Shelly is fabulous and is careful and very particular in her efforts. I come every 3 weeks so you'll be seeing me quite soon.


Lisa wrote:

23 March 2013

My husband and I each got a 1hr 20min massage at Frasada. I had Amy who was excellent! She was wonderful and catered the entire 80 minute session to me. My husband had Marie and loved her as well. We are defiantly going to be recommending this place to everyone, and I can?t wait to try some of there other services!


Jenn wrote:

14 March 2013

I received a gift certificate from my sister for a massage and facial. I have never felt so relaxed at a spa in my life. The services were great and so were the therapists who took care of me that day (honestly, it was the best massage of my life). I bought a gift certificate for my husband and myself and can?t wait to go back for their Couples Massage. The staff is professional, knowledgeable and courteous. I?ve been to a few other spas in the area and I think that Frasada is the best.


Linda wrote:

03 March 2013

I got my hair colored and cut. The hair color was rich and shiny. My haircut was exactly how I requested. Very professional staff, friendly and accommodating. I am defiantly returning for another haircut and color. Beautiful Salon ? Very Relaxing


Joyce wrote:

26 February 2013

Wonderful Salon!! Frasada is one of the rarest of salons where from the moment I walk into the salon I am greeted with genuine warmth and hospitality. There is a gentle yet enthusiastic atmosphere and my cuts and color are consistently amazing. I would recommend Frasada Salon for anyone wanting a terrific cut in a relaxing, spa-like setting. Also, I have a very busy career so I appreciate that when I have to reschedule an appointment, I never run into any difficulty.


Ashley wrote:

22 February 2013

I have been going here for as long as I can remember for hair and spa/waxing services. I've recommended several customers who would also agree with me that you can't beat the service at Frasada! I get compliments on my hair all the time!!


Chris wrote:

14 February 2013

I\\\'ve been going to Frasada for many years and it\\\'s always been a great experience. It\\\'s clean, comfortable, and relaxing. They do a great job with haircuts and the spa upstairs is my favorite. I especially love the point system they have. I\\\'ve gotten discounted services with the amount of points I\\\'ve accumulated over the years. It\\\'s the best!!


Mary O wrote:

24 January 2013

Love Frasada!! This is the only place I go for my hair and eyebrow services. Dana is an amazing stylist, very friendly and personable. She always has great ideas to suite my face, style and desires. I just began getting my eyebrows done after spending years looking for an eyebrow perfectionist I found her!! Ella is very professional, very detailed, and talented!! I highly recommend this place for all services! Great atmosphere, amazing staff and superior service!!!


Vicky wrote:

17 January 2013

Best Brazilian Wax Ever! Ella is absolutely incredible, and I refuse to go elsewhere. It's a beautiful place, everyone is friendly, and I love that I can make evening appointments!!!


Karen D wrote:

05 January 2013

I have seen several stylists at Frasada for haircuts, single process color and highlights and they have all done a fantastic job. All the front staff goes above and beyond to try and make every visit special.


Paula wrote:

29 December 2012

See Elsy for your waxing needs - she is brilliant and did an amazing job on my brows. My brows were already fairly shaped but she cleaned up the area and trimmed them a bit. She is super easy to talk to and took her time and did a thorough job. Love this place for my brows - kind of a hidden gem if you will. $15 will get you a far better job than sitting in an overly crowded nail salon being rushed!


Lauren wrote:

20 December 2012

Great Salon. Lots of parking available near the salon, which is a MAJOR plus!! Frasada is where I go to see Ella, who is an amazing esthetician! I have been seeing Ella for every kind of waxing you can think of, eyelash tint, Brazilian waxing and facials for almost 7 years. She is the best at what she does. She is friendly and soooo entertaining. How anyone can make you laugh while waxing you?re, umm, private areas, is beyond me...She is speedy gonzales


Jean wrote:

13 December 2012

When it comes to waxing Ella is the way to go! She is by far the best at what she does. She is fast and detailed. I don't know how she does it but she has been the only one with the least amount of pain. My husband gets his back done and never complains. Before that's all he use to do and is really surprised how easy she makes it look.


Maria wrote:

07 December 2012

This was my first visit to the salon. I have to say that I was really impressed. The atmosphere is great. I wanted an experience, and not just a visit to a salon where I was serviced in a rushed manner. The facility is REALLY clean. It's important to me that the manicurists use clean and they do. The pedicure chairs are really comfortable. Ask for Maritza she's professional and gives a great manicure and pedicure. Money well spent!


Deb wrote:

16 November 2012

This is a Community Place?.Like so many I was severely affected by Sandy. I had no power, heat or hot water for weeks, not to mention the damage to my home. I went in to Frasada to get my eyebrows waxed and when they heard my story they offered me use of their hot showers and gave me a free blow out. They also told me to spread the word to anyone in need. Well Done Frasada!


Amy wrote:

21 November 2012

Came here for the first time last week when I had heard about it from a friend. I was able to do my roots and highlights with Gabriella. She was great. The atmosphere in the salon was awesome. They were very friendly and you instantly felt welcomed. I will definitely be coming here from now on!


Laura wrote:

29 November 2012

Frasada had a $100 Gift Card giveaway for Sandy Victims. One of my friends nominated me and I was one of the winners. The entire staff was so kind and caring when I went in for my services. What a generous thing to do. They have defiantly won me as a client.


Katie wrote:

30 March 2013

I had highlights done by Gabriella and a Hair Cut done by Royce. Both were great and really listened to what I wanted! I also got my eye brows waxed by Ella and I will now always come see her for this, I was so happy it wasnt as expensive as I thought it would be! Cant wait to try more services :)


Adina E wrote:

26 March 2013

Fantasric and fast!


Mel P wrote:

28 October 2012

The feeling I get when I walk in is overwhelming! I am greeted as soon as I am seen and am treated as royalty or like family! It's lovely, and the stylists are always very detailed in their work! I love this salon and will never go anywhere else!


Jamie B wrote:

18 October 2012

Everyone was absolutely amazing. The service was beyond friendly, comfortable and accommodating. I had a massage by Marie?Outstanding. I also had my make-up and hair done. I highly recommend Frasada.


Dina wrote:

13 October 2012

I have been going to Frasada and seeing Gabriella for about 6 months now. Looking for something a little different in hair color. With trial and error (really no error) I walked out of Frasada feeling amazing. I love my new hair color! Gabriella is awesome! She is open to whatever you what to do and always does her very best.


Gina B wrote:

30 September 2012

I could not ask for better people to come and do my wedding party's hair and make-up the day of my wedding. First, they will travel to you, which was a huge help to me. Secondly, they are so nice, respectful, professional....I can't think of enough good things to say about them. They are extremely organized and had the best prices for services. I would highly recommend Frasada to all future brides!


Angela T wrote:

20 September 2012

Great quality haircut in a friendly atmosphere! Frasada does an excellent job and it's always a nice experience due to the vibrant personalities of everyone in the salon. For the price, it's a real bargain and I would gladly recommend this salon to any of my friends - those that live in the area mostly have already been referred and continue to frequent this salon!


Michelle wrote:

12 September 2012

AMAZING SALON! I have been going to Frasada for over 5 years and I am in love with it! I have never been so happy with a salon. They are full of amazing talent. I recommend it to anyone who looks for higher quality hair services. Not only are they all very kind and personable.....they are very knowledgeable and up on the current trends. I highly recommend you check them out!


Diana wrote:

23 August 2012

This is by far the only place i will go to get my hair cut. I?ve been going here for over a year because i have had no problems with the way my hair has been cut. The people here are very skilled in what they do. If you want a hair cut worth your money then i would recommend you go here.


Linda G wrote:

09 August 2012

Frasada is a great place to go for all your salon needs. My experience with Dana was very positive. She listened/asked for my opinion before/while caring for my hair. The atmosphere was also very relaxing. Looking forward to going back.


Kim wrote:

28 July 2012

A friend recommended this salon, and I am thrilled with them! I called to make appointments for my daughter and myself. They randomly chose stylists for us, and it was like they knew us when they picked. Perfect fit! I loved the cut and new style I got from Melvi. My daughter was thrilled with her cut and style from Arleni.


Debbie wrote:

23 July 2012

I love this salon! Gabriella does an amazing job on color! The receptionists are so sweet and will do everything to make your visit enjoyable!


Pat S wrote:

12 July 2012

I?m a pretty basic kind of person so I wasn't sure that I wanted a really upscale salon. But the reviews I read were great so I gave it a try. Bottom line is that I received the best cut I have gotten in over 15 years. Melvi took time to find out what I liked & didn't like she made suggestions as she proceeded. The salon is extraordinary inviting not intimidating at all. I've already recommended it to my family and friends!


Miriam wrote:

02 July 2012

As soon as I walked in, they already knew my name and what my day had in store for me. The desk lady that took care of me, I think Christina, was very nice and friendly. She walked me step by step in everything I needed to do to get ready for my treatment. There is an area where you can sit down, relax. I had the Deluxe Facial, and it was very relaxing!! They have showers and sauna rooms, everything is very clean and the decor is beautiful. My experience was calming, soothing, and satisfying just as I expected, I recommend Frasada to everyone!


Sue D wrote:

02 June 2012

Michael rocks!!! He did my make-up for my wedding and I looked AMAZING!! He came to the house and worked on me, my mom and 5 bridesmaids. He was fast and efficient without sacrificing quality. Michael is professional and friendly. Everyone looked beautiful.


Mary A wrote:

14 June 2012

Maritza is excellent! I go to her for my mani and pedi, She is very professional and does an excellent job. I go see her every-time I need my nails to look great and last for special events.


Rose D wrote:

23 June 2012

I have been coming here for over 6 years and the atmosphere is clean and professional! I see Ella, her technique for the Brazilian wax makes the experience a lot less embarrassing and quick!! I would recommend anyone looking for a great facial or waxing service to check this spa out. I have been to many high end spas and this one takes the cake!


Lisa D wrote:

28 June 2012

Inviting, Friendly, Timely, Relaxing & Clean! Visited Frasada for a Girls Spa Day and enjoyed the Signature Massage & Dead Sea Salt Exfoliating Body Treatment. The private showers were great. Kudos to my massage therapist Marie...she applied the pressure I needed during the massage. Definitely my new go to spa!


Tracy R wrote:

31 May 2012

My husband and I had the couple's massage here, the facility is absolutely beautiful! This is the first time that my husband look to me and said ?Now, That was a great massage!? We were both so relaxed and I will definitely ask for Marie and Linda again. The best advice I can give you is that if want a special and memorable experience, this is the place


Chris C wrote:

23 May 2012

! I am a frequent client at Frasada and the employees are all professional, the spa atmosphere is tranquil and everything is truly amazing. I also get my salon services done here as well, which is so convenient that after my spa services upstairs I can go downstairs to get my color and haircut!


Daniella Diaz wrote:

12 May 2012

This is the first place I've tried a gel manicure and I love it. I recommend Maritza. She is friendly and quick. I've never had a problem getting an appointment, even when I call a few hours in advance. I just LOVE the staff here. I've been getting mani-pedis here for about 4 years. Very clean, very well maintained salon.

Thank you Daniella. The gel mani is one of our favorit services and we couldn't agree more about Maritza...she is a Super Star ;) more

Kim R. wrote:

29 April 2012

I always recieve compliments on my hair thanks to Alicia & Royce. My highlights look beautiful & my blow out can last me days! They do AMAZING work! My hair has never looked better!

Thanks Kim. We love getting feedback! more

Patricia Michel wrote:

15 April 2012

I enjoy the care that you gave the group today. We were well received by every one. Carmen Prato did a wonderful job on the manicure and pedicure that I had. She was great. I would recommend this place to every one.

Thank you so much Patricia. Your group was a joy to pamper. We look forward to seeing you all again. more

Marsha Volgyi wrote:

01 December 2011

I had a great experience at Frasada and I am coming back!!!

Thanks Marsha. Its always a pleasure to see you when you Dock. Have an amazing adventure! more

Pamela Foc wrote:

03 March 2012

A birthday gift from my husband. What a great gift...One I highly recommend for any occasion. The ambiance of Frasada enhances your spa experience with beautifully painted wall murals and wonderfully relaxing, music. All of the staff professionals were courtious and friendly, radiating with calming energy. They worked their magic from head to toe (literally) They made me feel like royalty. It was awesome. Thank you all so much.

Thank you Pamela. It was a pleasure to be a part of your birthday. Hope to see you again soon! more


11 February 2012

Relaxing massage nice atmosphere I always enjoy the massage I have easy hair but dio not care for the way it was blown today

Thank you for your feedback Yevette. We always look for ways to improve ourselves and your honesty is extremely helpful! more

Rosemarie Capobianco wrote:

28 December 2011

90 minutes of pure heaven. Marie relaxed all the tight muscles in my shoulders. My nieces gave me this as a Christmas Gift and I cannot wait to come back. I have been coming to Frasada for years and I am always satisfied. Thank you.

Thank You Rosemarie! It is always a pleasure to pamper you. more

Maria wrote:

21 December 2011

I recently came to Frasada for the first time with a Gift Card for my Birthday! The signature massage was delightful and heavenly. I have never felt so relaxed. Thanks for making my birthday an experience I will never forget. I will definetly be back soon!

Thank you for the wonderful feedback Maria. We love being a part of special occasions. Looking forward to seeing you again! more

Connie canino wrote:

01 December 2011

I have had many massages over the years as well as facials. Karen is amazing. Honestly, she is fantastic! She certainly has a new client.

Thank you Connie! It is always a pleasure to have you in and we love the feedback ;) more

Alison Lopez wrote:

15 October 2011

I moved out here a year ago from out east. I have been looking for a new Spa that offered both extremly clean conditions and great service, and I found both!! I was very happy with my experience from the time I walked in and was greeted at the desk. I found everyone I came in contact with to be very professional and courteous. My massage was amazing, I can't wait to come back!

Thank you Alison. W take pride in both our staff and the atmosphere that we provide at Frasada and means so much o us to hear that we are succeeding. Hope to see you again soon! more

Lakeview Mercedes-Benz of Rockville Centre wrote:

19 October 2011

We would like to take the opportunity to thank Frasada Salon for including us in their participation in the fight against Breast Cancer. We truely enjoyed the experience!

It was such a joy to visit with you all at Mercedes. Together we were able to raise thousands to dollars for the fight against breat cancer this year. We are lookin forward to our next event together! Thank you again!!! more

Anna wrote:

23 September 2011

Great massage! I was really looking forward to get relief from all my newly aching muscles.....and that is exactly what I got! A must for soon to be moms!

We are a team made up of mostly moms at Frasada so we know all too well the new aches and adjustments of new moms. The best thing a new mom can have is some much needed "Me Time". We are so glad that we were able to give you a pick me up. Enjoy being your new mommy and we will look forward to seeing you for your next escape ;) more

Michelle Tonsing-Umowski wrote:

23 August 2011

I've been going to Frasada for years now and it's one of my favorite places on Earth. Rah is my FAVORITE massage therapist. She is amazing!!! I also LOVE Ella for waxing. She has the best personality! I recommend Frasada to everyone I talk to.

Thanks Michelle! We are so lucky to have such an amazing team and we love getting feedback from our regulars :) more

Eva wrote:

15 July 2011

For a birthday treat, I got a fabulous manicure and pedicure from Kye. I was also able to convince my husband to get his first pedicure too! I got the best blowout ever from Royce. She did an amazing job! Frasada has a great atmosphere and top notch service! I will definetly be coming back soon!

We are so glad that you enjoyed you experience together. We love when couples come in and get pampered together. Hope to see you both again soon! more

Yolanda Mackey wrote:

22 May 2011

The service is excellent, the atmosphere is so warm, and the staff is experienced. It really cant get any better than thtat. I went to Frassada to get my hair and make up done right before my pageant and they were so encouraging. Plus they made me look absolutely gorgeous, and as a result, I won! Thank you guys so much!

Thank you Yolanda. It is always good to hear feedback from our clients. We are very fortunate to have such a talented staff. We look forward to seeing you again. more

Lauren wrote:

24 March 2011

First off, I would like to mention that I am very picky when it comes to having my hair done. After reading reviews online, I called Frasada to make an appointment for a haircut. They asked who I wanted to see and I left it up to them to decide. Melvi was my hairstylist. This is the BEST haircut & style I've ever had! I love it. And will be booking all future appointments with Melvi :)

Thank you so much for the feedback. Melvi has been a part of the Frasada Family for years and we are so proud to have her. We look forward to seeing you again! more

Victoria wrote:

27 March 2011

I recently came to Frasada and was delighted! I had an Oxygen Facial then a Half & Half Massage, followed by a mani/pedi. I have never been so relaxed in my life! I was then offered complimentary makeup. The makeup artist did an amazing job!! The salon was comforting and serene and the service providers were wonderful! I have already recommended the salon to all my friends & family.

We are so glad that you had the chance the experience Frasada. It is always such a plesure to hear about our amazing staff! more

Mal wrote:

16 June 2010

I had a pregnancy package but gave birth before I could redeem it. The staff worked with me to create a package worth the same amount of the gift certificate I had. I chose a chocolate massage among other things and it was wonderful. I am going to make an appointment for later on this month. Thank you Frasada staff!!!

Thank you for the wonderful feedback. We love when clients get the Chocolate Treatments as it sends the chocolate aroma thru the entire spa :-) It is always good to hear that we are adding another loyal client to our family. more

Sophia Baldeo wrote:

29 January 2011

I have been to many spas including Maximus, Spa190/Salon Blue, Christie and Co, and Borgata Spa. I have never had a European Facial as amazing as the one I had at Frasada on Saturday. I visited the spa on Saturday morning for a tour and was greeted by a very friendly staff both upstairs and downstairs. Even before I arrived at the spa all of my questions were answered over the phone in a very patient manner. I then booked a 4pm facial and bought a series of 6. Monica did my facial and she was simply amazing w/extractions. I love love love your spa and can't wait to come back. I did not know about the e-club and would like to join but I already purchased my 6 series. Can those $'s be applied to a new membership if I sign up now? I would greatly appreciate it.

Wonderful to hear Sophia. It is a joy and a pleasure to be adding you as one of our loyal clients. Speak to us when you come in for your next Facial and we will see what can be done in regards to your membership! more

Lois Richman wrote:

31 December 2010

I love the color. As always Crystal cuts my hair just the way i like it. The staff is professional and helpful.

Thank you for the feedback Lois. Chrystal does amazing work and it is a joy to watch her when she is in the zone :-) more

Jillian wrote:

02 January 2011

I recently had the Dead Sea Salt Scrub, it was perfectly pleasant & relaxing! This spa is absolutely wonderful and the treatments are reasonably priced, especially for the one-on-one attentive service you receive! I will definitely be back soon!

Thank you Jillian. We pride ourselves on our customer service and it is always great to hear about a wonderful experience. We look forward to pampering you again. more

Lisa wrote:

04 December 2010

I have been a Frasada client for over 5 years. The staff is very nice and courteous. The service and quality of the haircuts, hairstylings, massages and facials is perfection!

Thanks Lisa. You are always a pleasure to service! more

Samantha wrote:

25 November 2010

I found out about Frasada from my co-worker & I am so happy with the recommendation. My colorist was Gabriella. She was so sweet that the time just flew by. I felt very comfortable there and can't wait to go back in six weeks!

Thank you Samantha. Gabriella has become such a great part of the Frasada family and we have truly enjoyed watching her grow into the Talented Star that she is. more

Jaclyn wrote:

19 December 2010

I recently visited Frasada, I was so happy with the services & staff. My gift certificate was for a Frasada Signature Massage and a European Facial. My massage was heavenly and the facial made me feel and look like a new person. I left Frasada floating on a cloud and will surely be back for another experience!

Thank you so much Jaclyn. It is always good to hear about our wonderful staff. We love our amazing team. more

Sattar wrote:

05 December 2010

I love Ella. She is the absolute best for Brazilian waxes. She makes you feel so comfortable. I am out the door in less than 5 minutes. I recommend her. I have been going to her for 2 years now and will never ask for anybody else

Thank you for the feedback. We never get tired of hearing about Ella. She is one of our most entertaining employees and we are so lucky to have her. more

Brad wrote:

25 September 2010

I went to Frasada twice this past summer (my first times there) & I must share with everybody that both experiences were excellent. Not only were the treatments I received top notch but the staff was very friendly & Gabby went out of her way to make sure that everything was perfect for me. I drove 40 miles to get to Frasada each time & it was worth every mile (and there are other Spas a lot closer to me.) If you're deciding which Spa to visit, do yourself a favor & go here. It's well worth it!

Thanks for the Feedback Brad. We are so glad that you had such a wonderful experience. more

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