IMPORTANT: If you are experiencing any Covid-19 symptoms or are living with someone who has tested positive for Covid-19, You Must Call To Reschedule Your Appointment!

Our Salon & Spa are following the NYS Mandates and will require safety guidelines followed by every guest visiting Frasada. 

We will be following rigorous scheduling protocols and  cleaning protocols to ensure the safety and well-being of you, our guests, and our team members  

You may see some changes when it is time for your next appointment. We made these changes to help protect our clients and staff. 

 Pleases follow these steps on your next visit: 

  • When you arrive for your appointment, please stay in your car and call our Front Desk at 516 766-7076. A Frasada staff member will notify you when we are ready to seat you for your appointment. 
  • Face Masks are required upon entering Frasada. This is not only for the protection of those around you, but it is also a New York State mandate. 
  • When you enter Frasada, you will be escorted to the restroom to wash your hands. 
  • We ask that clients enter Frasada unaccompanied. In order to properly enforce the social distance safety measure, we will only be able to allow the client being serviced to enter.
  • There is no waiting area and you will be escorted directly to the chair/room that you will be having your service performed. 
  • The guest luncheonette, coffee/beverage and waiting areas will be closed. There will no longer be lemon water, coffee, tea or bagels available. 
  • Magazines, along with any items not necessary to perform your service, have been removed.
  • When your visit is concluded, we need to be able to clean and clear the area for the next guest.  So please exit promptly upon completion of your visit.
  • Payment:
    • We are currently accepting Cash, Venmo, Debit Card and Credit Card payments. Our Preferred payment is Venmo to allow for total contactless checkout. Click link to friend us or use credentials listed below. 
      • Frasada Salon-Spa 
      • @frasada
      • 4 digit verification 5902 
    • Please note that there is a 3.95% processing fee for credit card payments. There are no fees for any other payment methods.

We are aware that this will not be your typical Frasada experience, but please know this is all temporary. We are taking every precaution to keep both you and us safe. As soon as we are permitted to do so, we will be back to business as usual. Until then, please follow these guidelines during your next appointment and be patient with us as we navigate our way through this uncharted territory. We look forward to seeing you!