Spa: Hands & Feet

The Aroma Spa Manicure
Enjoy a refreshing bubble bath for your finger tips. Natural botanical’s and essential oils soften and condition the hands. The massaging and beautifying of the hands is followed by the submerging of your hands in a single use pouch that contains a unique blend of essential aroma oils and paraffin wax.

Chocolate Pedicure
A luxurious treat for the feet. You will splash around in a chocolate mineral foot bath while warming your tummy with a delicious hot cocoa. Once your legs and feet have been exfoliated with our decadent chocolate scrub, a warm chocolate mousse mask will be applied and your legs wrapped in a warm moist cloth. You treatment will end with a chocolate butter cream massage and your toes will be painted to perfection.

Hot Stone Pedicure
Treat your feet to a slice of heaven where natural stones become an extension of the technician’s hands, delivering relief to tired legs and feet. Beginning with a soothing foot soak to soften skin and relieve stress, followed by a thorough exfoliation removing dry, dead skin cells. Smooth warm stones are then massaged into feet and calves eliminating tension in an experience like no other. Ending with a silky moisturizer and perfect toe polish, feet are ready to walk out into the world again.

Sea Scapes Pedicure
Our signature pedicure is a rejuvenating touch of the sea for your feet! Enjoy a whirlpool soak of aromatherapy sea salts, an AHA callus treatment is applied and then a complete pedicure is performed using a beach sand scrub and a marine mask. Finish with a Massage of essential oils.

Callus Elixir Pedicure
Get the ultimate pedicure experience with this intensive foot treatment, infused with natural extracts. Leave your skin feeling smooth and replenished – this pedicure will “literally” soothe the sole .

Our basic manicure is a 30 minute service dedicated to your fingers and hands. You will receive a cream hand massage followed by cuticle clipping, pushing and filing all performed to perfect the look of your nails.

Our basic pedicure is a 45 minute service dedicated to your calves, feet and toes. You will begin with a pedicure soak, followed by a scrub and then massaged with creams and wrapped in warm towels. Your feet will then be buffed, cuticles clipped and pushed and nails shaped and perfected.

Express Pedicure
An express version of our basic pedicure in a 25 minute service. Your feet will be buffed, cuticles pushed and clipped and nails shaped and perfected.

French Manicure

French Pedicure

Polish Change Hands

Nail Repair