Body Contour Wrap
$165.00 (80 minutes)
Recover your figure through traditional Massage and Body Wrapping. This treatment begins with a exfoliating dry brush scrub to remove the top layer of dry and damaged skin cells while igniting the lymphatic system to process toxins. Once your skin has been fully exfoliated, you will be guided into deep massage with concentration on your areas of concern. Your treatment ends with a sauna session and aromatic skin moisturizing treatment. This treatment will restructure your body by helping to reduce water retention and reduce excess fat.

Dead Sea Salt Scrub
$100.00 (50 minutes)
A natural exfoliate and a pure treat for the whole body. This treatment, rich in mineral salts from the Dead Sea, detoxifies drains & oxygenates as well as aids circulation ridding the body of dead skin cells to leave the skin feeling smooth. The scrub is a great aid against cellulite.

Express Dead Sea Salt Scrub
$60.00 (25 minutes)
For the person who just needs a quick fix. This is a 25 minute version of our Sea Salt Scrub.

Airbrushed Organic Tan
$50.00 organic
This Newest Technique Of Self Tanner Provides An Even Application Thereby Avoiding Streaking Or Blotching. You Will Have A Smooth, Even And Beautiful Tan In Just Minutes